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La Deuxième is a surrealistic feature film about second chances.


Jean Barreau leads a spiritual commune with the promise of a second life. When their doubles arrive at the house, his followers learn that Jean meant this promise quite literally. However, not everybody is as easily swayed by their capricious leader, who eventually starts to question his own beliefs.


Jean Barreau lives in a tiny village on the countryside, leading a small group of people looking for a second chance in life. Jean believes he has a gift, and that he can offer a new life to anyone who joins him in his house. When Camille Griffon comes to the commune, she quickly learns that Jean meant his promise of a second life literally, as the house is soon visited by her exact double. The troubled Fred Anouilh and the naive Nora Beaucarnot also arrive at the house, which leads Jean to find out that his newfound life as leader of a cult comes with certain responsibilities. Meanwhile, Jean is struggling with his own past.

Film Festival

La Deuxième has been selected for the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film (BIFFF), Brussels, Belgium; Durban International Film Festival, Durban, South-Africa and Raindance Film Festival, London, UK.


Jelle Stroo lives and works in Brussels, Belgium as a director and editor. La Deuxième is his second feature film, after Égoïste (2015), which had its international premiere at the Beijing International Film Festival.

Feel free to check out his personal website or the Bureau Delstreau site for more info.

The Shoot

La Deuxième was shot in a small village west of Paris, over a period of two and a half weeks. The house in the film is also the house where the whole team slept during the duration of the shoot, which made it into quite an intense situation. People were sleeping in every corner of the house and actor Gert De la Marche even had his eight month old daughter with him on set, but since the film tells the story of a young commune, this actually turned out to be quite inspiring as well.

The final Dolby Digital mastering of La Deuxième was done in the renowned Warnier Posta Studio in Amsterdam (where films like The Broken Circle Breakdown and Borgman were also mixed).

All music was specifically composed for the movie by the American composer Joe Formanek and French composer Julien Vieuloup, who also composed the music for Égoïste.



Jelle Stroo – Producer, Writer, Director, Editor (personal website / Bureau Delstreau)
Stephanie Delbecque – Producer, Art Director (personal website / Bureau DelstreauLinkedIn)
Daniele Vella – Director of Photography (LinkedIn / Twitter)
Kim Hutjens – Assistant DoP
Erik Griekspoor – Sound, Re-recording mixer (personal website / LinkedIn / IMDb)
Ruben Nachtergaele – Sound design
Joe Formanek – Composer
Julien Vieuloup – Composer
Julie Declercq – Art Director
Maarten Koopman – Assistant Director, Script consultant
Florian Keirse – Colorist
Sara Stroo – Catering


Bureau Delstreau / Facebook


Gert De la Marche – Fred Annouilh
Anne-Sophie Delhomme – Nora Beaucarnot
Alix Vega – Camille Griffon
Julien Vieuloup – Jean Barreau



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Online Distribution

La Deuxième is still in festival mode. Check back later for more info!


24 and 25 September 2019, Raindance Film Festival, London, UK

24 July and 26 July 2019, Durban International Film Festival, Druban, South-Africa

14 April 2019, BIFFF, Brussels, Belgium

30 November and 2 December 2018 , Cinéma Lumière, Brugge, Belgium

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